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Blogs are Dead

Updated: May 7

"It's 2024, nobody reads blogs." - C. Rees

I'm not a good enough writer for this. I can't concisely articulate a poignant point through an interesting arc. I feel this deeply while I work to type out something of value over and over again. I've written ten blog posts and haven't felt comfortable enough, or excited enough to share them. Now I'm typing this convinced this whole thing is a waste of time. Originally, I was inspired by online marketers who have a persona that sells. People tune in to buy their courses, their books, the messaging, and I thought, why not me too?

Well because those people have skills they're marketing to you. They have a marketing degree, or they're successful personal trainers, photographers, designers, graphic designers, etc. The people making me feel like I could earn and share online are already successful so they have time and experience worth sharing. That just isn't my story. But who knows how successful their pupils are? We don't know, maybe they make a fortune selling the dream and it mostly ends there.

I did go to college and acquire a writing degree, but I haven't found any writing success. No agent, nothing published since graduation, and no completed manuscripts. Thus, the blog. I thought, until someone is ready to publish me for pay, I'll publish myself for experience. Unfortunately, I never feel I've made a compelling enough point to share it with anyone. Not family, not friends, not strangers on social. I just sit on this blog and keep plugging away, telling myself the next one will be a winner.

I do have insights I'd like to type out, and I do want to build a community of people to share with. So, I'm not quitting, but I don't know if there is any value to what I'm doing. Perhaps if I quit looking for a sales angle or a good spot for a clickable link I'll feel a more authentic drive to write. I'm not quitting, but I am struggling. Ugh, and you know what? The only blogs I ever look at myself are recipe blogs, and I always hit 'Jump to Recipe'. There may be no point here. 'sigh'.

It is hard to take on a creative endeavor. There are no benchmarks or checkpoints to know you're on the right track. The work is subjective so who really knows what it's worth? I prefer a concrete experience, something with a start time and a deadline. I like to be graded among the rest so I can measure where and what to change. Just out here like this doing something for the sake of it, something I intend to share, just for the sake of it is wildly challenging and basically a frustration.

However, all that said, I've had 'publish a blog' on my life's to-do list for a decade, and my 30s have been the decade of crossing those 20-something's do's off. So even if I never share one of these, total bummer, at least I did it. I blogged a thing or two, I tried it, so I can't regret never giving it a go. Lack of perceived success aside, I can take comfort in knowing that I did make some kind of effort, and I could still surprise myself with a work of literary art any day now.

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