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Taking Myself More or Less Seriously - Day 1

Calendar shopping.

Today I shop for a calendar to supplement my phone's Google calendar, kitchen appointment calendar, weekly family whiteboard calendar, and children's school calendars. I'm a list-making, calendar-filling, bucket list-making lady, so here I go!

I have a lot going on day to day and I have to outsource the bulk of my mental load to external reminders or it all gets lost. Nearly all of my calendar items are duty-based. This has great utility, but it can be a bummer to check today's to-do's and see only responsibility. Today I'm going to start my MOLS (more or less seriously) journey with a calendar devoted to joy, more or less.

Later That Day

After wandering Walmart, the mall Kiosk, and finally The Dollar Tree, I found a table calendar. Perfect dimensions and able to settle in right beside my laptop for daily reminders. Unfortunately, it is November, and calendars like to begin in January, of course. So, for the next two months, I've printed these.

Filling the Boxes

Now to fill the boxes, this is the best. I get mini hits of dopamine each time I make a plan and look forward to crossing it out. Dorky? maybe. Finding joy in the simple and smallest moments that life offers is key to overall fulfillment though. Some days will have big moments, our anniversary celebration, vacation to Sedona, but other days will have simple things, such as enjoying a nap or reading a new romance novel.

I plan to fill in each month near the end of the previous rather than trying to fill in the entire year in advance. Each month I'll gain insight into what I enjoy doing, what my energy flow is like, and what's coming up on my other calendars. At the end of the year, I hope to feel like I've made meaningful memories and been mindful of how I enjoy my time.

Why Another Calendar?

It may not be healthy, but I have a chronic existential crisis occurring within me. I am constantly aware that today is my only today that I'll ever experience. I have the time I have and it's important to me to use it wisely. I feel that having this calendar will remind me to enjoy myself amidst my crisis of productivity. Perhaps taking a nap will feel productive when I can check it off my to-do list.

I am looking forward to the year ahead. I cannot wait to challenge and enjoy myself in new and old ways. Already on the calendar, tomorrow we receive our pre-order Mario Wonder Nintendo game for family game night, and this weekend, a family photo shoot. Come back to the Blog and follow along as each day I do something to take myself more or less seriously, and maybe inspire you to do the same.

(A fun moment in the Sunflower field I didn't miss this year because I calendared it!)

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