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We Do what We've Learned

I spent a challenging and heart-pounding twenty minutes in a sauna four days this week. In my thirty-four years, I've entered a sauna a dozen times, maybe more, but never have I lasted more than ten minutes. I've heard all the tips to survive it, and I've heard all the quips about happiness, good skin, and weight loss, but I never cared to tough it out.

Until this week. What changed? I read "Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity," by Bill Gifford and Peter Attia. This book explains that spending twenty minutes, four days a week, at over 175 degrees could be correlated with longevity. Is it guaranteed? No, but with this highly motivating, new information, I was able to sustain myself in the 198-degree misery for twenty minutes. Not just once but, four consecutive days.

In the heat, I spent time considering why it could correlate with longevity. I think in addition to the physical strain, it convinces your brain you must survive this, and having something to live for is a valuable longevity boost. Getting through it reminded me that I can do physically hard things. I don't get to test that out very often. The sauna has become an accessible place to push myself physically on a regular basis.

Beyond the heat, I considered what new knowledge can do in other areas of my life. Before I had proper motivation inspired by new knowledge, I couldn't last in the sauna and I didn't want to try. After, I've done it without fail.

When we know better, we do better - Oprah, basically. This I now know to be true. We all know that knowledge is the road to skill, but how often do we remember it's also a great place of inspiration? If you want to do better at anything, what you need is the right knowledge to inspire you to gain the tools you need to get there. So, remember to be open to many avenues of knowledge, including those that bring the heat.

Want to learn more about what Peter Attia, MD has to say about improving your health and lifespan? Listen here on Audible.

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