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Updated: May 7

Welcome to my corner of the internet. Stay a while and explore.

I don't read blogs. So why am I writing one? Many reasons. It has been on my bucket list for a decade, I graduated with a writing degree, and I love to share what I experience with others. I'm especially excited about all that my family has come to love about living in Minnesota. The sights, food, and endless events bring us together and have us making memories I cherish. So, I'm here blogging to extend those memories to you and make use of my degree. I'm also working on a few other writing projects and hope to have this space to bring all of my projects together.

A bit about me and my family.

We're a mid-west family of four + one furry friend. Meet my husband Sean, daughters Chloe and Evy, and Zuki (the furry one).

If we're not at home playing games, or making art, you'll find us in the woods, or at the beach. Our days are filled with outdoor adventure and time together.

I'm happy you're here!

I'm just a girl joining the fun - exploring events, attractions, and the landscapes of Minnesota with my sweet little family while we grow together. Join us!

Visit The Blog to read what I've shared about raising special needs children, traveling Minnesota, and writing tips and tricks!

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